News – The Ukraine invasion – it gets personal





My friend, Greg Yoder of Keys for Kids Ministries sends the following personal note on Facebook about the Russian invasion of the Ukraine:

“This has been a very difficult month. For the first time in a while I’m struggling. I KNOW God is in control. I KNOW God has a plan. I KNOW this world is not my home. But people’s suffering and evil men have me frustrated and discouraged. The plight of the Ukrainian people has affected me personally. I have friends that have been displaced. Friends relatives are in harms way. I also have dear friends in Russia who can’t say a word for fear they’ll be arrested and face 15 years in prison. I’ve never, ever understood evil and tragedy. I know the Bible verses. I know God’s ways aren’t our ways. I also know God gives people over to their own evil desires after rejecting Him over time. But people suffer. People are dying without Christ. Innocent children are suffering. I find myself more frustrated than hopeful today. The ONLY answer to these issues is Jesus. While many of us believe that, how many of us live this? My faith means everything to me. I don’t know where to turn apart from that. I’m sure there are others feeling similarly. That IS our only hope and the hope I’m resting in. There are some things we can do physically. We can help. My friend Sergey Rakhuba is at the border representing his ministry Mission Eurasia. $50 provides food and Scripture for a family of four for one week. Go here to watch a video and give.

Copied from Greg Yoder’s Facebook post