Facebook and Social Media are destroying America


The bullies at Facebook stuck a “fact checker” ban over this post!   Facebook has become intolerable!  As a large corporation, they have bullied everybody on their platform to fall into their “community standards” and tries to force everyone to cater to their opinions.

Facebook testified before a court that their “fact checkers” indeed did not check facts; rather they only expressed their opinions.  However, FB tends to block our opinion in lieu of their twisted “facts.”  

It’s time to take a stand against the bullying!  Big corporations and big tech got together to “save the election” in 2020.  They ADMITTED this in a Time Magazine article published a few months after the election was over.  Facebook and Twitter banned everyone they didn’t like; but when the banned the President of the United States; and I could care less whether you loved him or hated him; these social media outlets went WAY over the top.  Whenever a corporation of any sort acts “bigger then the President,” they should have been called on the carpet by the Congress and forced to stop the censorship.  But, since they were not stopped then, they think now that they control Americans.

I reinstated my former username on Twitter when I learned of the Elon Musk buyout and the promised changes coming.  Now, Twitter has “permanently suspended” that account that I never used since restarting it; claiming I’d “violated their” rules.  When I followed their instructions to get it reinstated, it popped up a notice that said, “In order to reinstate this account, Google will scan your computer.”  Are you kidding me?  They want me to outright give them permission to scan my computer?  No way.  I shut that thing down, so my former username will have to wait until the bans are lifted at Twitter….but, even then, I’ll NEVER give Google permission to scan my computer.  It’s bad enough that they already get what they get through browsers.  Chrome is the worst.

It’s time to stand against tyranny in America!  If we don’t do it now, it will get exponentially worse as time goes on.  Stand for Christ lest you fall for anything.