A True Story That Brings Hope

A story that brings hope…

There are good people in the world today, in spite of all the garbage you hear on the news.

One good Samaritan was in tears as he recalled bolting from his place of employment, a gas station nearby when a collision took place and one of the vehicles hit a woman and her three children.

Richie Dulany said he immediately bolted to the scene of the nearby accident.

A woman had been trying to cross the street with her young kids when the cars collided. 

“They were innocent; such things shouldn’t even happen like that,” Dulany told WFAA-TV.  One of the kids, whom he said appeared to be under the age of five, had what seemed to him to be a head injury.  So, Mr. Dulany laid down with her to keep her awake until help arrived. 

He says he’s hopeful they all make it.

KUDOS to the hero of the day!  I pray that people everywhere take note of his heroism and follow in his footsteps.

Pray for the woman and the children who remain hospitalized, and for their loved ones who will be struggling during this trying time.  A police investigation of the accident is ongoing.

Video courtesy of Faithwire

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