NEWS – News from Reese Kauffman, President CEF

Join us in prayer for the people in the Ukraine as Russian bullies overtake the country.  We continue to receive messages such as this one…
CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) workers in Ukraine need our prayers:
Please pray for our CEF team of 70 national workers in Ukraine. They were together the last couple of days for a conference at a retreat center close to Kiev for the handing over of the area and national leadership to new leaders. These were blessed days. However, yesterday morning they found themselves in a war. We are receiving frequent updates. Travel on the highways is very slow and difficult due to heavy traffic and limited fuel. Most of the workers are on the roads to return to their families in various parts of the country. European leadership who came for the conference left last evening (Kiev time) by train to cross the border with Poland. Please pray for safe travel and that all of this will lead to an advancement of God’s kingdom in particular among the children.
Reese Kauffman, President of CEF.
Courtesy Mathew Staver; Liberty Counsel