Texas Teen Goes to Bathroom at NBA Game, Is Found 10 Days Later Sold for Sex in Oklahoma Hotel

  Picture courtesy of Faithwire

“On April 8, a 15-year-old girl went to an NBA game with her dad. It was 10 days before he saw his daughter again.

The teenager from North Richland Hills, Texas, was at a Dallas Mavericks game with her father at the American Airlines Center in Dallas when she went to the bathroom right before halftime, according to KVUE-TV. Surveillance footage seen later that night showed the girl leaving the arena with a man, never returning to her seat at the game.

Police found the young teenager a week and a half later, on April 18, in a hotel room in Oklahoma City. She was rescued after the girl’s parents identified her through nude photos posted online, advertising her for sex.

In total, it was 11 days before the girl was reunited with her parents, family attorney Zeke Fortenberry said.”

Source:  Faithwire, May 17, 2022

The article goes on to say that the police were of “little to no help” in locating the girl, but ultimately, it was “a Houston-based anti-trafficking organization, the Texas Counter-Trafficking Initiative, that successfully located the missing teenager using facial recognition technology. Thankfully, the group was able to swiftly locate a photograph of the kidnapped daughter online, according to the family attorney.”

Ed’s Commentary:

While I am extremely thankful this girl was found and I give God the praise for her safe retrieval, she is not without damage.  She was repeatedly raped and molested during the days she was in captivity.  Also, the vast majority of these stories don’t have a happy ending.  Sex trafficking is a real thing these days, and these animals who kidnap children to sell for sex must be stopped!  Hint:  If the penalty for sex trafficking was automatic capital punishment, this practice would quickly come to an end.