Meet the Author – Divine Healing

2021 was a tough year for our family.  On April 28, Ed went to Centennial Hospital in Nashville, TN for a fourth ablation.  This one was called the “AV-Node Ablation” that severed the natural “connector” that passed the natural heartbeat electrical pulse to the Ventricles.  His pacemaker’s ability to completely take over the heartbeat to the Ventricles was put in the driver’s seat.  It was a good move for Ed, as his heart function improved after this procedure.

However, one week later in early May, Ed experienced gross hematuria and went to the doctor for examination.  After a biopsy in mid April, it was determined that Ed had bladder cancer in stage two of four.  The doctor elected not to remove the bladder and prostate (normally the treatment method); however, chemo and radiation would continue as recommended by the doctor.

The chemo and radiation went well until the last radiation treatment when Ed had a congestive heart failure reaction.  Four hospital admissions and over four weeks later, the episode ended.  It was God’s deliverance that pulled him through.  Ed had the symptoms of fourth (final) stage heart failure.

Today, Ed’s heart function is up by over 10%; higher than it has been measured since early 2005!  It is obvious that satan wants to stop this man’s ministry, but it is also obvious that God’s not finished with Pastor Ed Smith’s ministry just yet.  God is on the throne!