Meet the Author – Blog Introduction

Welcome to my new blog!  My prayer and number one goal is to share the Hope of the Gospel to all who visit this blogsite.  May God bless you, and may you grow in His grace!

If you’re like me, you’ve grown sick and tired of “big media” and their censorship of content they disagree with.  Facebook has put me in “jail” on multiple occasions when I tell the truth; even once when I posted a lone Scripture text they didn’t like.  It violates their “Community Standards” as they told me.  Well, their “Community” doesn’t have the same “Standard” as mine.  My Community Standards are set by the Word of God alone; not by the opinion of the “Fact Checkers” whom Facebook admitted in court were sharing “their opinion.”  Facebook is a privately owned company, and they can do as they wish on their platform.  But, as an American Citizen, I have the right to oppose their practice and to create one of my own where I can tell the truth without being censored.  Welcome to my world, where Christianity is the norm and Sinners are loved and led to Jesus.  Whether or not they actually Go To Him or not is their choice, but at least they shall know the truth.  Remember, accepting the truth into your heart will always set you free!

Be blessed, and we pray you enjoy your time here and learn much about the Messiah!